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The Virtual Bespoke Experience by Shane Gibson

Updated: May 17, 2021

My first glimpse into the world of bespoke suits came in the form of TikTok and it was a short-form video that caught my eye. I noticed the name of the account and searched on Instagram to see if he had a presence on that platform, he did. I started what Roshan might call now “doing your homework” but in all honesty, I was just entertained by the content of bespoke suit making. The days went on and I saw his content coming up more and more on my TikTok and decided to follow the Sam’s Tailor account. There I found myself not only enjoying the longer-form videos but also watching the lives, interacting with the community that he built. As always on the internet, there will always be trolls and haters as Roshan calls them but do not let that influence you on the work that this Maison puts out.

Time went on, three weeks or so, I started thinking to myself, should I make the jump into the bespoke world? I have never entered this sphere, all of my suits were from local big-box retailers such as Jos A Bank and other outlets, and they were fine, but I wanted to experience what a custom suit could offer. So, I put a little money aside and I decided to pull the trigger on a two-piece suit and a shirt. I messaged the Sam’s Tailor Instagram account, and I had a question about the measurement form on the website and before I could finish typing my question out, he responded with a friendly “hi, what can I help you with”.

I assumed this might have been an employee, but it was Roshan himself. Everything begins and ends with him; the suit does not leave the shop without both your and his approval. He sent over the payment link and we went to work. I got the email with the fabric links and chose what we both might call a bold, blue with red check fabric, along with a red and blue paisley lining. He gave me a video call after I sent over my ideas and asked me what I wanted out of the experience and the suit.

The live was to happen at around 9 pm my local time and he gave me a ring, my girlfriend was watching in the other room, there to give me advice as needed or to keep me from making any grave errors in my imagination.

My whole thought process with going the bespoke route was to get something you cannot buy off the rack. He walked me through my picks and gave me plenty of options if I wanted to go for a different look or feel. Roshan is a master at matching styles to occasions, environments, or if you want something that is a jack of all trades suit, he can do that as well, and kill it. I stayed persistent and we went through the styling of the suit. We wanted to keep the styling tame since the fabric was so bold. Same with the pants, I went for the buckles because matching shoes to belts is a pain, “liberation comes in the form of buckles”. Boom, just like that in less than 2 days I have commissioned a project with Roshan, and it was picked out, all to do now was wait to see it.

I got a text saying if I could hop on for a live that evening, so when a quarter past eight came around I received a call, and I was on the live. There it was, my custom piece of art. Roshan proceeded to walk me through every detail, down to the stitching and the monograms on the gussets on the shirt. I knew the value that he and his team brought, It started with the homework over 5 weeks ago, going over what I wanted and why I wanted it, it all showed through in the final product. It was worth it to have those conversations on the front end because it showed on the back end. I was perfect, down to each pick stich lining the jacket. I could have not been happier.

I was asked for my shipping details and all I could do then was wait. It arrived at my home not 72 hours after I hopped off that call. I came home from work and found the package sitting on my couch. I opened it and it was perfectly packaged and handled with care. I opened it, removed the suit from the tissue paper and the shirt from the plastic packaging, it was all in perfect pressed condition.

I slipped on the new fit and everything was immaculate. It could have not fit better, the jacket had the perfect amount of pull, the pants hit just at my ankles, just the length I asked for and the shirt fit gave me the room I wanted but the slim fit I was looking for.

I slipped on my watch and looked down to see my initials right there on the cuff in the same accent color of the suit. Three weeks after I have received the suit, I am still picking up on the little details.

When you go to Roshan and his team, you are not just getting a suit, or piece of clothing, you’re getting something that if taken care of properly, will last you decades. They truly are works of art and he and his team will always go the extra mile for you. It doesn’t matter if you are a rock star as the drummer from Imagine Dragons or a famous footballer, you all get treated the same, and that’s the Sam’s difference. No corners will be cut, in fact, they might be added.

To those who are visiting the site for the first time, or you are considering #pullingthetrigger, just do it, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain, throw out the suit that’s been sitting in your closet from an outlet, and treat yourself to an experience at Sam’s Tailor, and in return get a piece of art while you’re there. Roshan and his team will be there every step of the way.

Written by: Shane.Gibson

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