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Live your Aspirations by Art Stewart Freedland

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

A random Google search of Custom Suiting resulted in an intriguing link to Sam’s Tailor. That lead me to their Tik Toc account and then compelled me to their Instagram account. It seemed like a gravitational pull. I was so intrigued by their seemingly contradictory barebones traditional website and unadorned Hong Kong shop when compared to their trendsetting social media presence.

The ‘face’ of that presence is Roshan. 3rd generation of a family tailoring business and responsible for pivoting from strictly in store business model to a flawless virtual experience. Roshan was given the moniker “Tik Toc Tailor” by his devoted followers.

Life is about relationships and putting oneself in the best possible position to navigate through life. Friends, mentors, loved ones, doctors, team members and those who provide professional services all are vital to ones’ growth. They can raise your productivity, compassion, your outlook on life and how you present yourself to others. You want allies beside you through every ‘season’ of your path.

He has become one of my ‘allies’ in my life’s journey. For me and countless others, Roshan is trusted with making us confident, self-aware, and good about ourselves. He earns that trust by taking a deep dive into his client’s current needs, their life, and aspirations.

Passionately he spends the time with clients exploring fabrics, structural detailing and all the other aspects of a true bespoke experience while being thousands of miles apart. I live just outside of New York City. Sure, he has the pedigree, decades of experience with clients and a keen ‘eye’, but what makes the experience so valuable is Roshan’s ability to connect with a myriad of types of client.

He is as exuberant and engaged with the young man getting his first bar mitzvah suit, as he is with a C-level executive, or for that matter any of the world renowned ‘footballers’ he’s dressed. He is the king of superlatives. As viewers of his content, unexplainably we get invested in his crafting a suit for someone first entering the workforce or a live social media collaboration of a rock star stylizing a new stage presence. These are relationships that will last a lifetime.

For me and countess others the concept of providing one’s own measurements on the website form seemed daunting. I am sure some decided not to proceed for fear that an inaccurate measurement would result in a poor outcome or that taking measurements is too time consuming. Don’t overthink the process. It only takes 10-minutes, anyone can assist you with a tape measure and in my case I did it myself. They don’t blindly construct a suit on the measurements entered, but rather analyze any measurements that seem to conflict with probably body types and follow-up with that ‘deeper dive’ discussion with the client.

Photos are often time submitted to ease any misgivings. I was needlessly apprehensive at first.

My experience has been nothing short of fabulous. Workmanship is second to none and the bespoke detailed offerings will differentiate that clothing from the ‘off the rack’ characterless garments. I am a ‘wardrobe builder’. I like a ‘deep bench’. I have numerous ‘off the rack’ sport coats and suiting’s from well-known designers/product lines. I finally grew tired of wearing expensive garments and having them not contour to my body. I am not looking for a ‘skinny’ fit, but rather a modern slim fit customized for my body.

Roshan and his team (don’t forget his team) delivered on every fit concern I had. For me fabric quality is of great importance. Roshan has been a great partner in sourcing fabric from some of the most exclusive mills. I wear Sam’s garments with great pride. My first 3 ½ months as a client included 4 suits, 4 sport coats & 8 shirts. Yes…I am a devotee.

Less talk price…. For 1/3 the price of other bespoke/custom clothiers and equivalent price points to off-the-rack Sam’s can deliver better quality, better service, amazing detailing, timely turnaround time and most importantly a relationship. My only regret is not having joined the Sam’s community sooner.

Yes, I feel a kinship with his other clients, fellow Tik Tokers and Instagram followers. I recognize everyone’s tags and enthusiastically watch their live consults & ‘reveals’. It is ‘must see’ viewing on Tik Tok & IGTV. Of course, there is an extensive library of consults & ‘reveals’ on both platforms.

You’ve done the hard part…you’ve found ‘Sam’s’….now pull the trigger! Live your aspiration.

Art Stewart Freedland

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