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Excellence from Miles Away

By Taylor Overby

Roshan Melwani is a name that any person looking for a bespoke suit should become very familiar with! Roshan is a cutting-edge tailor from Hong Kong who has fully embraced the ever-shifting dynamics of the social media platforms.

My experience with Roshan began as I was in search for a custom suit for my sisters upcoming wedding. I spent countless hours researching bespoke tailors in the US and became discouraged as I compared the quality of product with the cost. As I was at my breaking point I came across Roshan’s TikTok account, @samstailor. I instantly became enamored with the energetic and detailed work ethic from Roshan. I had now found the perfect tailor whose work was iconic with the unbeatable price point of $650 for a 2-piece suit. I immediately took the leap of faith emailing Roshan and, with the help of my sister, sent him my measurements for my first sui

I began this process with Roshan with no experience in bespoke suits and was unsure of what to expect. Utilizing the endless directory of consultations and presentations on Roshans Instagram page, @samstailor, I was able to gain an understanding of what the process would be like. From the moment of my first video call with Roshan to discuss the details of my suit, I knew that I had found the perfect tailor! Roshan dove right into the conversation wanting to understand what the suit was going to be used for and what my expectations for the style were.

What I enjoy most about working with Roshan is his attention to detail with each and every customer he works with. It does not matter, to him, if you are one of his countless celebrity clients or an “average joe” client, like myself, you are going to get his absolute best work just the same. We have spent countless hours over video call, email and text to design the perfect suit for me. There was an instant gratification that there was no stone left unturned in the designing of my suit.

A couple of weeks after our live video consultation to finalize the style and details of the suit I received my perfect suit. It continues to amaze me that we are several miles away, have never met face to face, and Roshan delivered me the best fitting outfit in my wardrobe!

Roshan meets with clients every day that he has never physically met or measured and yet continues to deliver perfect fitting clothes for each client. My relationship with Roshan continues to grow as we become better friends and build fantastic suits together. Since my first suit we have designed an additional three gorgeous suits, an incredible sport coat and six fantastic shirts that I cherish in my wardrobe.

The only question that remains, is why haven’t you pulled the trigger? Take a leap of faith, trust Roshan trust the process and I promise you will have zero regrets!

Instagram: twoverby

Twitter: Taylor_Overby_2

LinkedIn: Taylor Overby

TikTok: Underby2

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15 de out. de 2022

My name is Terry. I live in Houston, Texas, and my previous Tailor was Harilela. I cannot locate the tailor, and I came across your name. I hope we can do business as soon as possible. tbembryrealm. Agent

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