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How to Make Your Favorite Pinterest Coats Come to Life!


Have you ever searched Pinterest for fashion inspiration and wondered where could you find some of these dreamy outfits?! A few months ago, I created a Pinterest board called “Fall Fashion” and felt inspired to purchase my first tan coat this season. After saving a few pins, I decided to search online for some outerwear that would come close to the style I was looking for.

After some time, I felt defeated by the internet since I could not find the coat I envisioned. Every coat looked the same, and felt like an “H&M peacoat”. Before giving up hope, I remembered 2 years ago, my husband, friends, and I met an amazing family in Hong Kong who owned literally one of the best tailor shops I’ve ever been to. At the time, I wanted a burgundy coat for the upcoming season. So they measured me, gave me endless fabric options and created a custom made coat for me in as little as 24 hours! I was literally blown away! Below is a photo of my first fitting:

I decided to see if I could find this family owned gem again! I looked inside my burgundy coat, and discovered the tag said “Sam’s Tailor“. So I gave the internet a second chance, and to my delight, I found Sam’s Tailor on Instagram! I decided to send them the photo I saved on Pinterest. Later that evening my time (first thing in the morning their time), they replied to my message and wanted to conduct a virtual call. To my surprise they still had my measurements from 2 years ago, but wanted me to remeasure again just in case.

Durning our initial consultation, they asked if I would try on a few coats, walk in them, stretch, and their team studied my every move over FaceTime. Next they asked how I wanted my coat to fit, how long did I want the coat to be, how many buttons, how should it wrap, how do I want it to feel. I was literally blown away by the precision, detail and care that was taken to create my dream coat from the other side of the world! They also asked if I would send photos of myself wearing other coats so they could study how the fabric folded to my body.

Following our virtual fitting, I received a catalog of different fabrics online to choose from. Once I selected my fabrics, accepted my quote, they literally reached out to me within 5 days to show me my finished coat! I was able to view my coat over video and it was modeled so I could see how to properly button and tie the coat. Once I approved everything, it shipped from Hong Kong to the United States within just 3 business days via DHL.

I was able to select my fabric type and color. So I went for a tan cashmere on the outside and leopard on the inside for fun!

Once I received my coat, I fell in love! The fit was perfect, almost as if I met with them in person! They even surprised me by lining the inside of my pockets with leopard fabric as well!

So if you’re like me, and enjoy saving some of your favorite fashion finds on Pinterest, don’t just let them stay on your dream board! Make them come to life for yourself by having them made! Why not try out Sam’s Tailor for yourself? I promise you will not be disappointed!

" I choose to live a life of beauty. Beauty by way of travel & seeing life through the eyes of others around the world. Beauty through spiritual awareness. Beauty by creating art with my hands and food. And most of all, seeing the beauty in others. Stay beautiful " - Ebony Robinson

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