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A Classy Accessory for A Gentlemen’s Wrist

Azuro Republic x Sams Tailor

The bustling streets of Hong Kong is no stranger to the tenants of this beautifully restless city. At the heart of the busy Tsim Sha Tsui is Sam’s Tailor, the favorite tailor of many that have experienced generations of their excellency. With shelves stacked with colorful fabrics and tailors skillfully executing their every move, walking into Sam’s is like entering a gentlemen’s paradise.

Sam’s Tailor takes pride in a longstanding history and craft. They strive to provide the best experience on every bespoke journey with the utmost dedication towards Sam’s service, textile, and tailored products.

The partnership between Sam’s Tailor and Azuro Republic is more than the union of two dedicated crafts, but is to also introduce the importance of accessorizing a suit. Wearing a bespoke suit from Sam’s Tailor is a representation of the sophistication and attentiveness of a gentleman. Choosing the right jewelry would be the perfect companion to a suit, and more importantly, an essential detail to complete the perfect outfit. As the finishing touch is one of the most meaningful steps during the bespoke journey, a fitting piece of jewelry is an accentuating touch that will elegantly elevate a gentleman’s style and personality.The history of Azuro Republic started with the five founders. They are each from different countries, and were united through their passion to create meaningful accessories, and their devotion and work towards mens beaded bracelets is the brand’s most treasured inheritance.

Azuro Republic commits to the redefinition of a true gentleman through mens beaded bracelets and other accessories, and their gemstone bracelets are best known for their quality and diversity.

Similar to every rigorous step when tailoring to every customer’s measurement, the

customization aspect is an equally significant element in Azuro Republic’s jewelry.

The carefully selected gems are shipped from various countries around the world, and each gem stimulates a different therapeutic energy. Whether you seek for more confidence and courage, calamity, or a shield from negativity, choose from the best of Azuro’s range of mens beaded bracelets to complete the perfect gentleman's look.

The legacy of Sam’s Tailor is long admired by many, and what you get at Sam’s is more than a suit. It is the bespoke skills that are passed down through generations and a story of persistence and hard work. The meeting of Sam’s and Azuro Republic is more than a partnership, it is a friendship built on an appreciation for each other’s craft. Just as the harmonic union between suits and jewelry, this partnership will continue with both Sam’s and Azuro’s commitment to present the finest gentlemen’s experience.

Without further ado, here is our selection of some of Azuro Republic’s finest.

The Gold Classic Lapis Lazuli bracelet is made with Lapis Lazuli, which is a third eye chakra stone that is mainly associated with honesty, compassion, and morality. Characterized with a beautiful indigo hue, the Lapis stone is a stimulant for wisdom and clarity in judgement. This men’s beaded bracelet symbolizes the encouragement of self-awareness and expression to ultimately inspire confidence.

The Silver Classic Tiger Eye bracelet is made with Tiger Eye stones, a silky quartz discovered in the gorge of America. The tiger eye stones are amulets with positive energy that will fuel intelligence and integrity, and is a protector bracelet that favors goodwill and an essential agent to constructive change.

The Gold Classic Obsidian bracelet is made with obsidian, an opaque black gemstone typically found in solidified lava. The obsidian bracelet is also named “The Apache’s Tears” by native Americans, and possess healing properties to enhance physical strength and endurance. The tough exterior of the obsidian bracelet is also a symbol of guardianship and braveness.

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1 Comment

Mar 13, 2021

Nasz sklep kigurumi oferuje bardzo bogaty asortyment towarów w różnych wariantach kolorystycznych i rozmiarowych. Znajdą się tu zarówno tradycyjne kostiumy zwierzęce (panda, kot, lemur, lis, nietoperz), jak i fantastyczne (anime, pikachu, jednorożec, dragon, stitch). Dysponujemy także wariantami specjalnymi, np. kigurumi warszawa czy toothless kigurumi. Ten szeroki wybór gwarantuje Ci, że znajdziesz coś dla siebie i Twoich bliskich. Kigurumi to idealny pomysł na prezent dla każdego, kto lubi spędzać długie wieczory w ciepłej i komfortowej atmosferze domu.

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