This month has seen Sigourney weaver come into the store once more. An actress with great endurance, she has also long been a customer at Sam’s. We have been with her on her long style journey. As a striking woman, she has managed to maintain a distinctive and appealing style, and doing so has drawn on her impressive breadth and depth of knowledge about fashion. So as a tribute to one of our valued customers, and to a great actress who has been a symbol of female strength, we would like to take you through her style and image journey over the years, one partly taken with us. She came in with her husband theatre critic Jim Simpson, who also measured up with us. We are honoured to have her as an ongoing customer, these last 5 years, and hope she will carry her striking image forwards for years to come.


Sigourney Weaver Measures up with Roshan

Above: Sigourney Weaver Measures up with Roshan
Below: Husband Jim Simpson measures up with Roshan

Jim Simpson Measures up with Roshan

Sigourney faced challenges growing up, being one of the tallest girls in her year, she found it hard to fit in. She literally stood out, and this made her threatening to many, both at school, and later on in her early acting career, where people were wary of casting someone who broke so many female stereotypes. However, she persevered and her breakthrough role was a rare one of a leading lady winning through with strength, guts and determination. Ripley in the Aliens series was a new departure in film, and in particularly in science fiction, and established her as a leading lady in the Genre. Her later roles also put a new twist on feminine stereo-types, for instance her damsel in distress turned queen of the spirits in Ghostbusters.


Sigourney through the ages, from Pinterest
Sigourney through the ages, from Pinterest

At the same time, her sense of style grew over the years, incorporating stereotypically masculine elements of power dressing with an overall feminine look, conveying the sense of a woman living on her own terms. This carried on into her later career, a style that built a foundation for her to continue as a style icon even as she matured. You can see this in the strong shoulder pads and bold stripes she wore when measuring up with us five years ago. In this later phase, she has taken on both gravitas and levity in her roles. She played the serious and knowledgable figure of Grace Augustine in Avatar (of which there are now 3 sequels planned). She  also sent herself up in being typecast as the Queen of Sci Fi, playing a humorous version of this  in the comedic Galaxy Quest.

This shows the strength she has in her public persona, by her moving into two traditionally masculine archetypes: that of the authority figure and of the comedian.  She shows this confidence in terms of her fashion choices today, with a  bold design for her red shirt, which she had made with us.

Sigourney with Manu in 2013

Above: Sigourney with Manu in 2013
Below: And with Roshan

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