Kate Moss is one of the most recognisable Fashion Models in the world. Indeed she has become a symbol of beauty that has transcended modelling, bringing her into the world of art. Lucien Freud’s portrait of her was auctioned at Christies for £3.93 Million. She has also had an 18 carat gold statue made of her for a British Museum Exhibition. She is still a major player in Fashion, with a range of clothes for Top Shop modelled on her own wardrobe.

When she came to Hong Kong and came into Sam’s it actually made the newspapers, with the UK’s Daily Mail reporting that she "...recently visited Sam’s Tailor, renowned for its famously quick service and ability to copy any outfit, in Hong Kong"

Kate Moss with Roshan
Kate Moss with Roshan

Given her enormous success and resulting fortune, we feel that it is our ongoing relationship with her, the outstanding service and experience we provide and the quality of the clothes that are the deciding factors, bringing her back time and again. We have pictures from her visit in 2011, we were proud to be able to support her with her wardrobe then, as now.

Kate Moss with Manu in 2011
Kate Moss with Manu in 2011

Her connection with the art world continues to this day. This time she returned in fine spirits, with her partner Photographer Count Nicolai von Bismarck. Whilst part of his portfolio is in Fashion, he also specialises in Travel and Fine Art photography. He has a strong sense of visual aesthetics, which he brings to bear in his wardrobe choices. He is pictured here with Roshan's wife Saloni, showing us his fresh-from-the-sewing-machine 24 hour suit, combined with a suitably offbeat black polka shirt.

Nicolai von Bismark with Saloni Melwani
Niclai von Bismark with Saloni Melwani

Whilst at Sam’s she got into the East Asian mood, taking, among other things, a silk kimono style dress. This is a Suzy Wong inspired piece, designed by Roshan, for Kate.  

Kate Moss in a Sam's Kimono
Kate Moss in a Sam's Kimono

We can always rely on Kate to bring us interesting ideas to execute, drawing from her enormous experience of the Fashion world. We look forward to welcoming Kate through our doors again, an enduring symbol of beauty and fashion, recognised the world over. We see her as a great inspiration for us and for others. Indeed, recently a Swimwear designer from New Zealand came in, and we took a little inspiration from Kate in creating a suit for her. 

@flowfoxworthy fitting her #KateMosse

@flowfoxworthy fitting her #KateMosse (Instagram)

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