Sam is a tradition of fine bespoke tailoring, passed through the generations in a small store in Hong Kong. Right now, Sam is not Sam, but Manu Melwani. Before him his father, who established the business. The small family business in Hong Kong has grown into a global brand, but amongst a very select clientele. Those in the know visit the small unit tucked away in Tsim Tsha Tsui. Doing so they find themselves part of a very unusual club. When it comes to the who’s who of globe trotters, one has to ask not “Who has been to Sam’s?” but rather “Who has not?” When you enter the shop and see the walls, you can tell that a Sam’s suit is a calling card in the corridors of power and fame. The faces of HM Queen Elizabeth the II, Princes Phillip and Charles; Presidents Reagan, Ford, Bush Snr and Clinton; Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and Bob Hawke; John McEnroe, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Boris Becker, Kylie Minogue, David Bowie, and Richard Gere look on whilst you are fitted for your very own Sam's suit. 

Manu Melwani

Manu Melwani, Hon Phd., Medal of Honour and Justice of the Peace (HK) and recipient of Belgium's Knight of the Order of the Crown, has gradually become somewhat of a celebrity in his own right. As he explained when interviewed on Bloomberg TV about the economic future, he has been a part of Hong Kong business life for 51 years. “Things always go in cycles. You just have to be patient and keep going, things will change.” Steady Sam, as he is called, has grown the business into a global brand, and picked up honours and achievements along the way. Recently Hong Kong issued a commemorative stamp, which featured Sam’s Tailors. This marked a pinnacle of Manu turning Sam’s into a Hong Kong institution.

Roshan Melwani

Roshan Melwani, 38, is Manu’s son. He has a business degree from New York University and wants to take the family business forward, with new ideas like the Website, which he has developed extensively, and the Environmental Policy. He pioneered the Green Shirt Bag, a biodegradable alternative, which breaks down harmlessly within 3 years when buried. He took this initiative to the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence, and Sam’s received a Merit badge for his work on this. He has become a fashion icon in his own right, appearing in Flash On magazine and various other publications, to comment on the future of menswear. He is emerging as a style Guru in Hong Kong, ready to take Sam’s forward into the next generation of great tailoring.  



The trade marks Sam's Tailor,
Sam's, M.Sam, R.Sam,
山美裁缝, 山美裁縫 and
The Green Shirt Bag
are registered trade marks of
Sam's Tailor in Hong Kong
and elsewhere
HKMA Award
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